Wednesday, February 17, 2010

tHe MaInStReAm MeDiA iN mAlAySIa

In Malaysia while social, political, and economic transformations are occurring in Malaysia, government media relation remain closely connected, and in many instances are challenging for media independence and for public debate. Mainstream Malaysian newspaper and television broadcasters have an ongoing history of extremely close links with the governing parties. Malaysia news media are largely owned or indirectly controlled by the government that include the 14 political parties which constitute the ruling Barisan Nasional (BN).

The government controlled all mainstream media in Malaysia that it becomes evident that media ownership is highly concentrated. After Merdeka, the importance of mass media, particularly radio and newspaper, gained prominence given the government’s preference that they should be useful tools of national development and now focuses primarily on positive stories to the benefit of the political in Malaysia. Basically, the mainstream media must report all about what government does for country. It is because, government controlled all news and event that publish in mainstream media. The organizations and professionals directly involved in news production including media organizations, government and journalists. Mainstream media coverage of government policies is usually uncritical, while political opponent face limited reporting, particularly over calls for political reform.


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