Wednesday, February 17, 2010

tHe MaInStReAm MeDiA iN mAlAySIa

In Malaysia while social, political, and economic transformations are occurring in Malaysia, government media relation remain closely connected, and in many instances are challenging for media independence and for public debate. Mainstream Malaysian newspaper and television broadcasters have an ongoing history of extremely close links with the governing parties. Malaysia news media are largely owned or indirectly controlled by the government that include the 14 political parties which constitute the ruling Barisan Nasional (BN).

ThE rOlE oF mEdIa In IsLaMicS pERsPeCtIve

Currently various media campaigns are disappearing on against Islam and Muslims. Mainly western media with significant financial resources and multiple channels try to illustrate a rough picture of Islam to their public. At the same time Muslim groups through a variety of media outlets attempt to transmit their messages, but in comparison to the global dominance of western media, their efforts are somehow vain. As a result, messages lead to nowhere and disappear in air. Most western media, especially after the September 11 use this event to capitalize political gain. These media depict Islam as "fundamentalism", "extremism" and "radicalism". Of course in the post-modern world, where the role of media is central, the image of reality becomes more real than the reality. These media have tried to represent Muslims as "terrorists" who violate women's rights and pose a threat to western security. By doing so, they try to justify the war in Afghanistan and Iraq. In recent decades, this approach has led to emergence of "Islam phobia". However, little effort has been made to respond to these negative campaigns. On the contrary, the performance of terrorist groups who kill people, especially western hostages, help their media to show that they are victims of terrorism. This paper is an attempt to explore the image of Islam in western mass media after September 9/11.